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Sold Out Before Store Opening

AHS is a company very close to my heart. Twenty years ago I had a successful business in Paris, KY. I carried AHS lamps for several years. The quality and price was impossible to beat. Then, I started a family and had to leave my business behind me in order to provide the best care for my children.

Now, twenty years later, my children are grown and I am beginning the process of reopening my business. At the Atlanta Gift Show I ran across the AHS showroom and immediately all of the fond memories came back to me. I browsed the catalog once I was home and soon I called the KY representative, Rebecca, to place my order. I received my order in just a few days. I placed a couple of the lamps in the window of my store for display as I began frantically working on the remaining areas of the store.

My goal to open the store is May 16th. Within the next four days I had sold both lamps that were in the window and I hadn't even opened my business yet. One lady from a surrounding county called every store owner on the block asking for my number in a desperate attempt to purchase one of the lamps for her mother as a Mother's Day gift. I replaced the two lamps I sold out of the window with more and again sold them. Needless to say, I quickly placed another order and I had not even opened my business. I just could not be more pleased with the lamps I purchased from AHS. The great service I received from Rebecca was just icing on the cake!

Lorena, store owner

Nothing Broken or Damaged

We've always had a great experience with AHS! Love your products and your customer service. Nothing is ever broken or damaged... which is rare! 

We would love to see more industrial and metal lamps with distressed finishes.

Rhonda, store owner
4 Locations in Texas

Wonderful & Timely

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with your company. ... The orders arrive in a timely fashion and all the merchandise is great!

Leslie, store owner
New York

Please Bring More Seasonal Items Back

Your products fill an important role:  cute, small, creative, decorative, interesting lamps that brighten my inventory!  Customers love the birds, dogs, squirrels, etc and buy them on impulse.

As a suggestion: please bring back the seasonal items. These make great gifts as well as decorations that people like.

For me, I also love the fact that I can come pick them up and avoid the shipping costs! Thanks to everyone that I?ve had the pleasure to deal with!  Everyone is helpful and professional?..and nice to me!

Mike, store owner

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